Oc Raw Turkey Meaty Rox (2 Lb):


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Totally Turkey
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-Top 3 Most Popular OC Raw Protein
-Higher Protein/ Lower Fat Content
-Quality Ingredients
-Single Protein
-Premium Muscle Cuts
-Grain, Potato, Pea, Lentil FREE
-USDA Certified Meats Ingredients
-100% Meat, Bone, and Organ

Totally Turkey is made from the same turkey ingredients as the food with fruits and vegetables. Simply a poultry only ground product with bone and organ content. USA grown raised and processed turkey birds without hormones and antibiotics. Our Totally Turkey is our same animal ingredients without the fruits, vegetables and supplements. This is not intended for daily feeding but supplemental feeding, treat, topper, mix in, or used as a short term detox or use as a detox or elimination tool to help determine source of allergy.
Purpose: supplemental feeding for dogs and cats who prefer obligatory carnivore diets.

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